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Ray Gun is a font inspired by the fantastical, timeless lettering on decades’ worth of toy space weapons. The shapes mostly share the DNA of a moving geometrical formula, but the occasional flare of a dip below the base line (a literal line in this case) or acrobatic curve mean the type is very much alive. The smooth flow and vitality of Ray Gun avoids the awkward turns and general stuffiness of other continuous-line faces.

This font is built to create memorable word marks. Whether you’re a guitar pedal builder or a manufacturer of fridges, set your company or product name in Ray Gun and watch it become an instant classic. Discretionary ligatures and a handful of alternates allow for a typeface that is just flexible enough, and the limited character set make it clear that Ray Gun is meant for short and sleek messaging, not the minutia of body text.

Note: Depending on your browser, it may not show the automatic substitutions that will take place in your favorite design program. Try typing “om” and see if it turns into a ligature.


  • Type: Display
  • Alphanumeric and Basic Punctuation
  • Language Support: English
  • Web Font Available: No
  • Weights: 1
  • Released: April 28, 2016

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Ray Gun

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